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Beginners Herbalism



Learn FIVE useful edible plants in the UK including key identifying features and what they can be used for.



Each lesson in this course awards you with 50 points. Each assignment awards 50 points. You must earn 350 points to finish this course. This course consists of the following lessons you must complete:



Some of these lessons have additional assignments you must complete in order to complete this course. You will also have to complete the Beginners Herbalism Individual Lesson Exams to finish this course successfully. Each Lesson requires 100% exam results to ensure you have remembered the information provided – but don’t worry! You can retry the exam as many times as you need if at first you don’t succeed.

What you Need

  • You will need to be logged in and online to start this course
  • You will need to be able to play you tube videos and audio clips on your device
  • You will need to be able to listen with headphones or speakers. Many of our lessons contain videos or audio clips that are NOT transcribed.
  • Time & Patience! This course is designed to introduce you to herbalism with 5 key beginners plants to learn. Throughout each lesson you will be given a selection of key information in a variety of formats. Some lessons may repeat information to ensure the maximum possible information retention is achieved. Skipping videos or other lesson content can harm your course performance.
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