Beginners Short Foraging Walks


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If you are new to the world of foraging, or just getting started and need some practice remembering and identifying everyday plants then this course is for you. This is a short walk around a local area (locations may vary) to see what the plantlife has to offer. The pace will be relaxed and the information provided will be aimed primarily at those who are new to foraging however you may still wish to bring along a notepad and pen as we often have plenty of information to give.

Please select a Date,Time & Location from the drop down menu below. The walk will last between 1-2 hours.


Children are welcome to attend this course but must be under the responsability of an attending adult. The course content is however, designed primarily for Adults.

We try to provide a range of different plants to view from garden variety weeds and herbs to life saving wilderness carbohydrates however the plants we discuss on each walk will vary depending on the season and location.

We may look at any of the following if available:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Roots
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Funghi

We will discuss a variety of uses for each plant we look at to give you a brief overview of how useful a plant is such as:

  • Wine, Beer & Cider
  • Cordials and Syrups
  • Health boosters
  • Teas and coffees
  • Salads and vegetables
  • Jams, pickles and other preserves.
  • Glues, ropes, twine, fire starters
  • Sugar, syrups, essential vitamins

We will also be discussing foraging safety, general rules of thumb and safe identification.


Meet Up Locations

Sarehole Carpark.
Sarehole Mill, The Shire county park Carpark. Access via cole road.

Perry Avenue by the gates.
Great Barr. (Parking until dusk at Perry Hall Park) B42 2NE

Private Walks

You choose the location in Birmingham (your garden perhaps, or a local park close to you?), and we will take you around the area and have a look at what’s available. Private walks can take up to 6 adults (family or friends perhaps in the area), and a date will be mutually agreed. For the best results, book a date in spring or autumn. Private walks take the usual 1-2 hours and the course content will be much the same as the beginners foraging walks above – expect we won’t know what we will find! Make sur eyou provide us with a working email address on checkout so that we can contact you regarding setting a date/time and location.

Additional information

Date & Location

Sarehole 10th JUN 2017 @ 11am, Sarehole 2nd SEP 2017 @ 11am, Private Walk